The latest news about our forum & website:

  • Forum Maintenance: Our Forum on this site continues to be revised due to spam control. We now have over 2000 requests. If your request has not been approved please contact us. Instructions are available in the forum on how to subscribe, please support your community.
  • In order to increase the reliability of our site, we've enlisted the help of LoadView and their application monitoring tools. These tools will be able to ensure that our site is always online and available for visitors.
  • We recently looked at a variety of web hosting companies to determine the fastest web host for our website. We ended up going with Bluehost instead of HostGator on the recommendation of Web Hosting Prof.
  • Fjallabok: Our latest publication is a compilation of over 324 pages. It is of Fjallabok issues 1-10 and has been completely re-edited to be easier to read in book format. Fjallabok may be ordered at, Barnes and Noble, or your local Library or University. More information is available on our forum.
  • Forum Maintenance: Our Forum on this site is currently being revised due to spam control. So far we have not seen any spam because it is highly moderated with over 1300 pending spammers being denied access. These accounts will be purged. If you are having any issues setting up a forum account and believe you have been mistakenly purged please contact us. If you are a member of the forum I recommend setting up your forum profile and uploading an avatar. Also, we have added a feature known as “Orlog” allowing you to applaud or smite a poster based on their post, you may do so only once time per post and only once every few seconds. Please contact us if this is not working properly.
  • Facebook Open Group: An old facebook page previously listed as a “secret group” has been changed to an “open group”. The name has been changed to Skergard & Friends and will be moderated in a free-form style, meaning basically anyone can invite anyone and as long as posts do not violate our Bylaws or go against Our Vision they will be accepted and discussed openly. One need not be a member to join.
  • Skertru Now Accepting Articles: The magazine is now available on will be published as needed to insure quality and content.
  • Skertru Now Accepting Articles: The magazine is now available on will be published as needed to insure quality and content.
  • Skertru Now Published: The monthly magazine is now available on Both March and April are currently available online.
  • Ostara Gathering: Skergard had an Ostara gathering in Nevada, MO. Due to inclimate weather it was decided to move our annual gathering to a more suitable time of the year.
  • Skertru Now Published: Skergard has published and mailed out its first Issue of Skertru Now. The deadline for the next issue is March 15th and it will be mailed out in the first week of April. All proceeds go toward our Outreach Program and any additional donations will go toward our first Land and Hof Project.


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